DeKalb County 2014 Transportation Plan. Progress Through Unity
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About the Process

The DeKalb County Transportation Plan identifies goals, needs, and investment priorities for the transportation system for the next 25 years. The process for developing the plan took into account technical analysis, public input, and financial constraints. The final transportation plan was adopted by County Commissioners and the County CEO. The plan will then be implemented by the involved departments of DeKalb County as well as any participating cities and transit agencies. The plan is intended to be updated approximately every 5 years.

Below is a narrated version of the same presentation that was shown at the Kickoff meetings:

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What's included in the Transportation Plan?

This is a multimodal plan that identifies transportation needs for transit, motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians, trucks, trains, and airplanes. The plan also touches on policies, funding, and development patterns affecting transportation in the study area. Because the focus of the plan is county-wide, not every intersection or crosswalk is included, but rather, the plan focuses on roadways that are classified as collectors and above, all transit in the county, an overview of pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure across the County, freight routes, and the DeKalb County Airport.

Click here for a map of the overall study network.

Needs Assessment Public Meetings

Here is a recorded version of the online Needs Assessment Meeting held on April 23rd, 2013. This recording lasts 51 minutes and contains the same information that was presented in the in-person public meetings held during April 2013.

Click here to view the video.

Needs Assessment Online Meeting

Recommendations Public Meetings

The Recommendations Phase public meetings occurred in November 2013. This also included an online meeting along with an opportunity  to provide feedback through an online survey. Click here to go to the online documents used for the meeting. Click the graphic below if you just want to view the presentation slides from the meeting.

Who managed the development of the Transportation Plan?

The development of the plan was managed across multiple departments of DeKalb County but primarily the plan was the joint responsibility of the Department of Planning and Sustainability and the Department of Public Works Transportation Division. Contacts for the plan include:

    Sylvia Smith   Patrece Keeter, PE    Cristina Pastore, PE, AICP
    Transportation Plan Project Manager   Transportation Plan Engineering Manager   Transportation Plan Consultant Project Manager
    Department of Planning and Sustainability   Transportation Division   Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc
    DeKalb County   Department of Public Works      
        DeKalb County    

You can email any further questions about the Transportation Plan to





Plan Vision

The Project Vision Statement is as follows:

The DeKalb County Transportation Plan is intended to:

  • improve mobility for all people
  • enhance quality of life
  • facilitate economic vitality
  • focus on implementation

Check out the full Project Vision and Goals here. These were developed through meetings held with our two stakeholder committees and were further refined based on public input received during our first round of public meetings.