DeKalb County 2014 Transportation Plan. Progress Through Unity
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Schedule and Meetings

The Transportation Plan was adopted in May of 2014.


The major phases of the project included:

  • Public Meetings:
  • The Inventory of Existing Conditions Phase ran from November 2012 to February 2013.
  • The Assessment of Current and Future Transportation Needs ran from February through August 2013
  • A Public Opinion Survey was performed in September 2013
  • The Recommendations Development Phase ran from May 2013 through April 2014.
  • A 30 day public comment period for the Draft Recommendations Report ended in May 2014.
  • The final Recommendations Document was adopted in May 2014.





Upcoming Meetings

The Project Vision Statement is as follows:

The DeKalb County Transportation Plan is intended to:

  • improve mobility for all people
  • enhance quality of life
  • facilitate economic vitality
  • focus on implementation

Check out the full Project Vision and Goals here. These were developed through meetings held with our two stakeholder committees and were further refined based on public input received during our first round of public meetings.