DeKalb County 2014 Transportation Plan. Progress Through Unity
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The DeKalb County Transportation Plan will identify goals, needs, and priorities for the transportation system.

Project Documents

The Recommendations Report was officially adopted in May of 2014. You can access that document and all other project related documents by clicking here.

Community Voices

Throughout the development of the CTP, many DeKalb County citizens have been involved in identifying the challenges of mobility in the county and the region. With the strong support and involvement of the public, a strong vision for the future of transportation in DeKalb County is in reach. Highlighted below are some of the passionate residents we met along the way:


Project Vision and Goals

Based on input from public feedback and the two stakeholder committees, the Project Vision and Goals were finalized early on and served as the foundation for the development of the Transportation Plan. The overall Vision Statement reads as follows:

      The DeKalb County Transportation Plan is intended to:

        • improve mobility for all people
        • enhance quality of life
        • facilitate economic vitality
        • focus on implementation

Check out the list of goals that go along with the Vision Statement here.

Please give us your thoughts by writing to us at:






Project Area Map
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